Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS) in the Context of Open Innovation and Interdisciplinary Collaboration




Abstract: Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) seeks to apply computational methods at multiple length scales and can feed into Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS) where, alongside materials characterisation data, it can support new materials development and improve the efficacy of investment decisions.

Simulation methods are applied in support of each other, to study and predict processes, structure, and properties of materials and to gain insight faster, while reducing reliance on expensive, time consuming experimentation. Such approaches are often enhanced through the interaction of both commercial and open source solutions and increasingly there is a strong focus on the benefits of Open Innovation and international collaboration.

In this paper, we review the progress of several international collaborations seeking to bring greater standardisation to the field and offering mainstream access to the tools, data and expertise required. In particular, we explore the important role that the robust management of computational data will play in the effective deployment of ICME/BDSS systems.

Authors: James Goddin, Will Marsden, Stephen Warde, Najib Baig, John Twerdok, Donna Dykeman, and David Cebon

Keywords: ISME, Business, Open Innovation


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