Effect of Silicon on Microstructure Development between Al2O3/SiO2/ZrO2 at 1450°C




Abstract: Different kinds of ceramics were reacted to silicon in order to evaluate the suitable materials for crystal growth of silicon under the Czochralski process (CZ). Three types of Al2O3, SiO2, and ZrO2 plates were reacted with silicon wafer at 1450 o C/30 min in Ar. The interfacial characterization of the reaction between Si/ceramics was performed by using SEM, TEM, and EDS. The oxygen concentration of Si will be executed by FTIR. Among them, large amounts of dislocations were found in Si/SiO2 joint due to the difference of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). Only one intermetallic compound, Zr-Si phase, was found in the Si/ZrO2 joint caused by the diffusion of Zr from ZrO2 into Si. In Si/Al2O3 joint, few dislocations at the interface, no any intermetallic compounds, and low oxygen dissolution were found and support that the Al2O3 could be a suitable material for Si growth application.

Authors: Yu-Hsiang Chen, Chien-Cheng Lin, and Kun-Lin Lin

Keywords: Crucible, Silicon, Interface, Precipitation


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