Application Examples of Thermochemical Process Simulation Using SimuSage – Introducing Current Projects from Metallurgy and Combustion Technology




1st Paragraph: SimuSage [1], GTT-Technologies’ component library for rapid process modeling, is used in a variety of applications and research projects from the area of thermochemical process simulation. Based on ChemApp, the programmer’s library which permits the calculation of complex, multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and their associated extensive property balances, it enables the creation of flowsheeting software for process simulation and optimization. Due to its design as an object-oriented set of both visual and non-visual components, as well as its flexibility and extensibility, it is used both in the simulation of complex steady-state and dynamic processes. A selection of current projects from metallurgy and combustion technology is presented.

Authors: Stephan Petersen, Klaus Hack, Peter Monheim, Piotr Scheller, Michael Müller, Matthias Dohrn, and Sabrine Khadhraoui

Keywords: Thermochemistry, Process Simulation, Simusage, Metallurgy, Combustion Technology, Steelmaking


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