Development of a Thermodynamic Database for Refractory Boride, Carbide, Nitride and Silicide Systems




Abstract: A database (SpMCBN) containing assessed thermodynamic parameters for some 230 binary and 335 ternary non-oxide refractory systems has been developed for use with the FactSage software. The database relates specifically to carbide, nitride, boride and silicide refractory materials and allows calculation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties over wide ranges of temperature and composition for alloys which include Me1-Me2-C, Me1-Me2-N, Me1-Me2-B, Me1-Me2-Si, Me-C-N, Me-C-B, Me-C-Si, Me-N-B, Me-N-Si and Me-B-Si systems. Examples of calculations carried out using the database are presented.

Author: P.J. Spencer

Keywords: Carbides, Nitrides, Borides, Silicides, Phase Equilibria, Thermodynamic Calculation, Database


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