Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Infiltrated 3D-Si3N4 Coated SiO2/ Al-Mg-Si and Si3N4/Al-Mg-Si Alloys by Pressureless Infiltration




Abstract: The effect of processing parameters on the pressureless infiltration of Si3N4 and coated SiO2 preforms by aluminum alloys has been investigated. The effect of atmosphere, infiltration time, temperature, porosity of perform, and Si3N4 coating on the SiO2 particles, on the pressureless infiltration of rice husk ash preforms with aluminum, was investigated and quantified via a Taguchi experimental design and ANOVA. The contributions of each of the parameters and of their interactions on module of elasticity, hardness and thermal diffusivity of the composites were determined. The maximum modulus of elasticity and hardness obtained were 265 GPa and 842 HV, respectively. The thermal diffusivity of four fabricated samples (two samples with the highest and two samples with lowest electrical resistivity) was measured. The results show that the composite with the highest value of electrical resistivity has the highest value of thermal diffusivity (20.4 mm2 /s).

Authors: N. Soltani, A. Bahrami, M.I. Pech-Canul, and L.A. Gonzalez

Keywords: Silicon Nitride; Rice Husk Ash; Module Of Elasticity; Hardness, Thermal Diffusivity


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