Cavitation Erosion, Slurry Erosion and Solid Particle Erosion Performance of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) Coatings Sprayed with Modern High Velocity Thermal Spray Processes




Abstract: Thermally sprayed metal-matrix composite (MMC) coatings are widely used to protect components and surfaces against wear in various applications. Hard and wear resistant coatings increase the component lifetime and allow the refurbishment of the worn components. This produces significant savings and promotes ecological manufacturing. The current state-of-theart coatings are produced with high velocity oxygen-fuel (HVOF) spray processes, while modern high velocity air-fuel (HVAF) spray process has become increasingly available in production and research. The current study focuses on the performance of tungsten carbide (WC-10Co4Cr) and chromium carbide (Cr3C2-25NiCr) based MMC coatings sprayed with gaseous and liquid fuelled HVOF processes and a modern HVAF spray process. Two powder feedstock types, i.e. dense particles with fine carbides and porous particles with coarse carbides, were selected for both compositions. The results show significant improvements especially for WC-10Co4Cr coatings sprayed with HVAF when compared to HVOF sprayed coatings. In addition, Cr3C2-25NiCr coatings sprayed from the dense powder resulted in improved wear resistance compared to conventional feedstock powder.

Authors: V. Matikainen, S. Rubio, N. Ojala, H. Koivuluoto, J. Schubert, ҆. Houdkov√°, and P. Vuoristo

Keywords: Metal Matrix Composite, Thermal Spray, Coating, Cavitation Erosion, Slurry Erosion


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