XRD and SEM Analysis on Reduction Behavior of CaO-Fe2O3-SiO2 Ternary System




Abstract: Silica is regarded as a necessary component of bonding phase formed in fluxed sinters. CaO-Fe2O3-SiO2 ternary system appeared different reduction behavior with 0, 2, 4, and 8% silica containing (CF, CF2S, CF4S, and CF8S) in thermogravimetry (TG) measurements. Results revealed that the reducibility of ternary system was weakened in CF2S and CF4S but promoted in CF8S compared with that of CF. XRD analysis illustrated that 3(CaO·SiO2)·Fe2O3 (SFC) is formed in CF2S and CF4S but declines to generate more Fe2O3 in CF8S. Previous work depicted that the reducibility of SFC was worse than CF whereas that of Fe2O3 reaches the best. TG results were verified greatly by XRD examination. SEM and EDS tests were performed to clear the formation of SFC, CF, and Fe2O3, the relation of reducibility with phase transformation could be elucidated in this study.

Authors: Chengyi Ding, Xuewei Lv, Gang Li, Senwei Xuan, Kai Tang, and Wei Lv

Keywords: Silica, Calcium Ferrite, Reduction, XRD, SEM

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