A Novel Method of Modeling of Fundamental Properties of Materials




Introduction: A novel method of modeling of fundamental properties of materials is based on a proposition that properties of matter described in subjective physical units are merely apparent properties of spacetimes described in objective spacetime units comprehendible by inhabitants of advanced civilizations of the Universe. According to this method, elementary matter particles are made up by unification of topologically-polarized four-dimensional (4D) spacetimes called the toryces created from quantum vacuum. Elementary matter particles build octahedral crystal structures playing a pivotal role in the formation of nucleons. Toryces exist in quantum states and emit 4D spacetimes called the helyces, the components of elementary radiation particles. This paper describes briefly the Universal Spacetime Theory (UST) developed by the author since 1993. The author published several versions of this theory under different names [1-9] with all of them emphasizing a primordial role of toryces. The theory provides a direct correlation between physical and spacetime properties of elementary particles and can be helpful in building a bridge between particle physics and material science.

Author: Vladimir B. Ginzburg

Keywords: Spacetime, Toryx, Elementary Particles, Crystal Structure, Nucleons, Atoms

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