Development of a Diamond Containing Material for Drilling in Ultrahard Formations




Abstract: The exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources in deeper wells present a significant challenge to the drilling technology due to high hardness and abrasiveness of the formation. Impregnated diamond material with its supreme strength has been playing a key role in combating the aforementioned challenging application. In this study, we demonstrated the development of a key component – the impregnated segment, of this technology. A design of experiment encompassing various key parameters, such as diamond concentration, tungsten carbide and metal binder was conducted to optimize the recipe. The ASTM B611 wear test was performed to benchmark the material performance against baseline products. It showed that one recipe successfully achieved 19% improvement when compared with the baseline material. The microstructural response in material was also discussed in this paper. The material has been integrated in the impregnated bit design and ready for field test in drilling ultra-hard formation.

Authors: Jianhui Xu, Weicheng Li, Xu Wang, Jianlin Yao, Chris Cheng, Yonghong Wang, and Xiongwen Yang

Keywords: Diamond Containing Material, Grit Hot Press Insert, Drill Bit, Ultrahard Formation

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