Physical and Numerical Simulation of Friction Stir Welding for Al-Based Alloys




Abstract: To physically simulate Friction Stir Welding (FSW) the hot high strain rate torsion tests were realized on Gleeble-3800 System for different Al-based materials: technically pure A5 (ISO equivalent 1050), AMg5 (5056) and D16 (2024). A finite element model was built and validated using temperature and torque data obtained after physical simulation. Experimental data was compared with a numerical simulation of the process. The possibility to use physical simulation for description of the processes during FSW is discussed.

Authors: Anton Naumov, Hannes Wenzel, Anatolii Borisov, and Anastasiya Doroshchenkova

Keywords: Friction stir welding; Al-based alloy; Finite element modelling; Physical simulation; Numerical simulation

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