Development of Sugarcane Bagasse Reinforced Onibode Clay Composite for High Voltage Insulation




Abstract: In this study, sugarcane bagasse (SCB) reinforced Onibode clay composite suitable for high voltage insulation was developed via slip casting technique. Clay samples from Onibode, Ogun state, Nigeria was collected at depth of 5 meters beneath the earth surface. Sugarcane bagasse was collected from a local market in Alaba-rago, Nigeria. Onibode clay – sugarcane bagasse composite samples were developed from a mixture of fine clay particles (<150 μm) and SCB reinforcement particles (fine – <150μm; coarse – 300μm) of 0 – 6 %wt with a constant 53 %wt moisture and five drops of sodium silicate. The samples were fired at a temperature of 1150 oC and held for 1 hour. Properties such as thermal conductivity, linear shrinkage, bulk density, and apparent porosity of the samples were evaluated. Results show that sample with a fired shrinkage of 4.03%, apparent porosity of 31.22%, bulk density of 1.73g/cm3 and thermal conductivity of 0.0143 W/mK possessed the optimum refractory properties suitable for high voltage insulation.

Authors: J.B. Agboola, S.B. Hassan, and A.A. Lukman

Keywords: Sugarcane bagasse, clay, refractory properties, insulator

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