Application of Machine Learning for Reliability Assessment of Advanced Ceramic Matrix Composites




1st Paragraph: Ceramic composite materials (CMC: Ceramic Matrix Composites) are expected to be used in place of current high-temperature structural materials (superalloys), and research and development is actively promoted internationally. Usage of CMC as high temperature engine parts for aircraft is expected to contribute solving societal problems such as low CO2 emissions, energy saving and environment protection promoted under the “UN for Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda” (SDGs). Among various CMCs, special attention is held to CMC with SiC continuous fiber and SiC matrix (hereafter SiC/SiC) for replacing the current heat resistant structural material.

Authors: Naohiro Shichijo and Yutaka Kagawa

Keywords: Ceramic Matrix Composites, CMC, SiC/SiC, Virtual Test, Machine Learning

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