A Study on Finite Deformation of Copper Crystals Using the Principlesof Crystal Plasticity: Experiments and Simulations




Abstract: The purpose of the present study is to investigate the room temperature deformation responses of high purity copper crystals both experimentally and numerically. At first, copper single crystals were fabricated and subjected to uniaxial compression loading at quasi-static strain rate. The stress-strain responses of copper single crystals along two crystallographic orientations were then extracted. Experimental results were complemented by conducting finite element simulations within a crystal plasticity framework by incorporating non-Schmid effects assuming cross-slip plays an important role on orientation dependence of the material. Finally, the macroscopic shape changes of deformed crystals were examined in detail.

Authors: Suman Paik, Durgaprasad P.V., and Bijan K Dutta

Keywords: Crystal plasticity, Modelling, Non-Schmid effects, Finite elements, Plastic deformation

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