Laser Spinning of 13-93 Bioactive Glass Nanofibers




Abstract: Over the past decades, bioactive glasses have been extensively studied for bone regeneration applications due to their ability to bond to living tissues and osteogenesis properties through the controlled release of biologically active ions. Bioactive glasses are mainly used in bone and dental repair products in form of granules or a putty, if mixed with a binder; however, their potential application could be increased if bioactive glasses were transformed into meshes of micro- and nanofibers. Meshes of nanosized fibers have potential application as a 3D macroporous scaffold, can be used for nanocomposites, or in wound care as a bioactive dressing. In this work, we report the production of 13-93 bioactive glass micro- and nanofibers using laser spinning technique. The degradation rates and release rate of active ions were determined. The excellent bioactivity of the nanofiber is confirmed in vitro after tested in simulated body fluid due to the rapid induction of bonelike minerals onto the surface of the fibers. Based on this study, these meshes of 13-93 bioactive glass are regarded as a promising next-generation biomaterial for bone regeneration applications.

Authors: A. Riveiro, F. Quintero, J. del Val, R.A. Pires, R. Comesaña, F. Lusquiños, J.R. Jones, R.L. Reis, and J. Pou

Keywords: laser spinning, bioactive glass 13-93, nanofibers

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