Effect of Ultrasonic-Assisted Two-Point Incremental Sheet Forming (UA-TPIF) on Surface Finish




Abstract: Incremental sheet forming (ISF) is an innovative manufacturing method by which a hemisphericaltool locally deforms a metal sheet by following a designed tool path. As an alternative method to stamping, incremental forming provides added customization and flexibility. Ultrasonic-assisted ISF is a new manufacturing process that adds a longitudinal vibration along the length of the tool using a piezo-electric transducer. In this study, Aluminum 7075-O metal sheets were formed at room temperature in two-point ISF with and without ultrasonic vibration. The effect of the ultrasonic vibrations on the surface finish and morphology is discussed.

Authors: Randy Cheng, Ankush Bansal, Xun Liu, and Alan Taub

Keywords: Two-point, Incremental Sheet Forming, Ultrasound, Forming

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