Effect of Ti on Grain Refinement and Torsional Fatigue of Microalloy Steel




Abstract: The effect of Ti on fatigue performance of forged microalloy steel was studied. The chemical analysis shows the Ti content in one of the steel was 0.010(wt.%) and in other steel contains negligible i.e. 0.002(wt.%). The material has forged in austenitizing region and control cooled. An evaluation of the failed samples after torsional fatigue test were undertaken to assess its integrity that included micro-hardness, inclusion analysis, metallography, tensile testing and fractography by using SEM. The EDS result shows the steel which contain the Ti, forms the precipitates of Ti (C, N). This precipitates may cause the pinning effect, which arrests the grain growth of material. The microstructure shows that the grain size of Ti-contained steel finer than that of other steel. The fine grain will be beneficial for fatigue strength of the material. The endurance limit and the fatigue performance of Ti-microalloy steel shows better than other steel.

Authors: Navinkumar Bitla, Shrikant Jadhav, Vinayak Pawar, and Rajkumar Singh

Keywords: TiN/Ti(C, N), Drag and Pinning, Grain refinement, Torsional Fatigue

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