Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Cedrus Atlantica on Low Carbon Steel in Dilute Acid Concentrations




Abstract: Cedrus atlantica extract was evaluated for its corrosion inhibition properties on low carbon steel in low H2SO4 and C6H7O8 solution by potentiodynamic polarization technique, coupon analysis, macro-optical analysis and micro-analytical technique. Data obtained showed the extract effectively stifled the corrosion reaction processes on the carbon steel C6H7O8 at all concentrations studied with peak inhibition efficiency of 88.35%. The extract performed poorly in H2SO4 with general inhibition efficiency below 60%. However, inhibition efficiency increased sharply to 75.34% at 5% concentration. Corresponding results from coupon analysis were generally similar. Cedrus atlantica displayed cathodic type inhibition behaviour in both acids. Macro/micro pits were visible in the control steel specimen from coupon analysis while the morphology of the inhibited specimens slightly differs from the non-corroded steel. Microanalytical studies showed the presence of deep grooves and pits on the corroded steel, which significantly contrast the inhibited steel.

Authors: Roland Tolulope Loto and Cleophas Akintoye Loto

Keywords: pitting; corrosion; inhibitor; H2SO4; C6H7O8

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