Effect of White Aluminum Dross on the Corrosion Resistance of Reinforcement Carbon Steel in Simulated Concrete Pore Solution




Abstract: Inhibition effect of white aluminum dross on the corrosion of mild steel in concrete pore solution was studied through electrochemical technique and open circuit potential measurement (OCP). Optical microscopy was employed to study the morphological characteristics of the steel specimens before and after corrosion test. Data showed the aluminum dross mildly increases the corrosion rate of the steel in concrete admixture. Selective deterioration of the steel resulted in cathodic shift in corrosion potential. Results show aluminum dross improves the pitting corrosion of the steel. Morphological deterioration in the form of visible pits exists on the steel surface from concrete pore electrolyte at 0% AD. Comparatively smaller /fewer corrosion pits were visible from the pore electrolyte at optimal aluminum dross concentration. The size of the corrosion pits were further observed to decrease further at 25% aluminum dross concentration.

Authors: Roland Tolulope Loto and Ayobami Busari

Keywords: corrosion; concrete; pitting; steel; aluminum

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