Evaluation for the Quality of Flake Graphite Cast Iron and Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron by Tapping Test with Using Artificial Intelligence




1st Paragraph: Tapping test is an inspection method that determines the presence or absence of abnormality based on the difference in the sound when tapping a material, and is used to inspect buildings and railway vehicles. It is considered that this method can be used for quality evaluation of cast iron. However, although tapping test has the advantage of being able to be performed nondestructively and simply, it also has the disadvantage of requiring a worker who can distinguish sounds[1]. In order to solve this problem, we introduced a neural network, and studied whether it is possible to judge the quality of cast iron by learning the tapping sound of cast iron.

Authors: Mitsuki Shinohara and Nozomu Uchida

Keywords: Cast iron, Tapping test, Neural network

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