Application of a Statistical Analysis Technique for Characterizing the Deformation Behavior of the Material under Dynamic Impact Loading




Abstract: We used a statistical technique for characterizing the deformation behavior of a material built by selective laser melting (SLM) under dynamic impact loading. An ASTM E23 standard Charpy impact tester was used to break the ASTM A370 standard Charpy specimens. The Charpy tested specimen experiences compression and tensile loading across the specimen surface. The surface morphology changes in the two loading conditions. A 3D digital microscopy captures the fractured surface image of the failed Charpy specimens. We used 300x magnification during surface raw data image development to capture most of the surface features, such as melt pool boundaries, and elongated deformation sites. The microscope develops a 3D surface morphology from depth-from-defocus (DFD) technique. We extract a big volume of surface raw data from the 3D surface morphology developed by the DFD method. We used the normal distribution method for statistically characterizing the deformation behavior of the material.

Authors: Md Salah Uddin and Brahmananda Pramanik

Keywords: Depth-from-defocus, material deformation, selective laser melting

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