Materials Corrosion in Hot Dilute Acidic Pre-Hydrolysis Biorefining Conditions




Abstract: Biomass is the world’s fourth largest energy source and a promising energy feedstock because of its unique characteristics: renewable, environmentally friendly, and strongly beneficial to economic growth. Acidic pre-hydrolysis biorefining is used to convert biomass-derived materials into sugar streams and other valuable chemicals at elevated temperatures. Corrosion data on alloy performance in hot dilute solutions of sulphuric and sulphurous acids are very limited, making the cost-effective selection of materials of construction difficult. Efforts are needed to identify suitable alloys of construction and advance the understanding of how alloy elements (e.g., Cr and Mn) in steels affect the formation and properties of surface oxides, resulting in different corrosion performances in the hot acidic solutions. In this paper, thermodynamic simulation, static autoclave testing was performed to investigate corrosion modes/ kinetics of candidate alloys under the conversion processes. Advanced microscopy techniques were also employed to characterize corrosion products and advance mechanistic understanding.

Authors: Yimin Zeng, Minkang Liu, and Jing-Li Luo

Keywords: Hot Dilute Sulfuric Acid, Corrosion, Stainless steels

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