Evaluation of Palm Kernel Oil as Green Inhibitor for Protection of Mild Steel in Acidic and Alkaline Media




Abstract: Corrosion inhibitive properties of palm kernel oil (PKO) in 1M HCL and 1M NaOH on mild steel was investigated using gravimetric and potentio-dynamic polarization methods. Cathodic and anodic Tafel constants changed with the presence of PKO; suggesting that the suppression of the required redox reaction for corrosion was due to the effect of inhibitor adsorption on the metal surface. The current density reduced with increasing PKO amounts in both media, leading to a reduction in corrosion rate. Corrosion rates of the tested mild steel coupons decreased with increasing amounts of PKO in both test media. As observed, maximum inhibitor efficiency of 97.8 % occurred at 0.5 % inhibitor concentration of PKO in 1M HCL; and 98.8 % inhibitor efficiency occurred at 0.6 % PKO concentration in 1M NaOH solution.

Authors: Muideen Adebayo Bodude, Ruth Nkiruka Nnaji, Wasiu Ajibola Ayoola, and Abdulrasaq Babatunde Adeleke

Keywords: Corrosion, Inhibitor, PKO, HCL, NaOH

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