Steel Corrosion Resistance in the Technological Process




Abstract: The article shows the problem of the developing stainless steel with rational phase composition and enhanced physical and mechanical technological characteristics for operation in conditions of magnesium thermal spongy titanium production.

The materials used for internal and external surface of reactors (retorts) contact corrosive medium of the spongy titanium renewal process and experience the influence of operating temperatures cyclic change within the range of 20-1000 °С conditioned by technological process.

As a result of the work the rational composition of 03Х17Н3Г9МДЮч (Standard of Ukraine) steel was developed. Stainless steel with complex phase composition was created which is capable of retaining its incorrodibility and fire resistance in conditions of magnesium thermal spongy titanium production. The samples of steels 03Х17Н3Г9МБДЮч, 03Х15НГ8ФДч and 04Х18ч (Standard of Ukraine) were the subject of corrosion and heat resistance tests under real-life conditions of magnesium thermal spongy titanium production using potentiometric and gravimetric methods.

Authors: Valerii Mishchenko, Natalia Evseeva, Sergiy Shejko, and Vadim Shalomeev

Keywords: stainless steel, spongy titanium, reactor, corrosion-resistant

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