Effects of Cooling Rate during Casting on the Corrosion Resistance of 6XXX Aluminium Alloy




Abstract: This study investigates the effects of cooling rate during casting process on microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion behaviour of 6xxx aluminium alloy. Aluminium ingot was melted in a muffle furnace and cast into rods. Cooling rate during casting process was controlled by holding the moulds at different temperatures. Microstructural characteristics of the cast specimens were examined by optical microscopy. Mechanical properties such as impact strength, hardness, and tensile strength were analysed using standard methods. Corrosion behaviour was evaluated by potentiodynamic polarization. It was found that increasing cooling rate resulted in a significant improvement in mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the 6xxx aluminium alloy. The findings were explained in terms of refinement of the microstructure and chemical homogeneity of the alloy.

Authors: J.B. Agboola, S.E. Anyoku, and A.M. Oladoye

Keywords: 6xxx-series Aluminium alloy, microstructure, mechanical properties, corrosion

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