Microstructured Nickel Electrodes with NiFe₂O₄ Nanoparticle Surface Inclusions for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction




Abstract: The activity of nickel-based electrodes with immobilized surface inclusions of nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4) nanocatalysts (NCs) were assessed for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) after prolonged electrochemical aging. The placement of the NCs at a regularly structured interface enabled the ability to track changes to both the electrode morphology and its iron (Fe) content at various stages of the electrochemical transformation. Enhanced electrocatalytic activity for the OER was observed for the nickel (Ni) electrodes supporting NiFe2O4 NCs relative to planar electrodes or the regularly structured Ni without the inclusion of the NCs. These studies provide insight into the durability and aging of Ni-based electrodes supporting NCs toward the OER.

Authors: Audrey K. Taylor, Irene Andreu, Mikayla Louie, and Byron D. Gates

Keywords: alkaline electrolysis, oxygen evolution reaction, nickel, iron, electrochemical aging

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