Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ni-Al Bronze with Addition of Zr




Abstract: Nickel-aluminum bronze(Ni-Al Bronze, NAB) has been the most popular material for marine propellers since late 1980s, having the combined features of exceptional corrosion resistance and relatively high strength. Even though several techniques such as superplastic forming(SPF) have been developed to improve mechanical properties of NAB, applicable size of such techniques is generally limited to small castings. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an alloy design in order to improve mechanical properties of large propeller castings. In this work, the effect on the microstructure of cast propellers made of NAB with the different contents of Al and Zr is investigated. The effect of Zr addition not only on the grain refinement but also on the microstructure of NAB was observed.

Authors: Yoonsung Shim, Dong Wook Kim, Cheol Hyun Bae, Jee Hyuk Ahn, Seung Zeon Han, and Sung Mo Lee

Keywords: Ni-Al Bronze, Cast Alloy, Grain Refinement, Mechanical Properties, Microstructure

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