Measurement of the Unaffected Pores in Dynamic Impact Loading on the Fractured Surface of Selective Laser Melting Built Aluminum Specimens




Abstract: Selective laser melting (SLM) is a powder bed fusion based rapid prototyping technology that produces functional engineering materials with high accuracy. Al-Si-Mg alloys have a great demand in the automotive and aerospace industries. AlSi10Mg is a casting alloy and the alloy has good strength, hardness, and dynamic properties, so it is an excellent candidate for high-stress loading applications. SLM produces porosity during material fabrication. Unaffected pore of a fractured surface is an important parameter for characterizing material deformation behavior in dynamic impact loading. We performed dynamic impact testing with Charpy tester on SLM fabricated AlSi10Mg specimens. We used a standard image processing method to quantify the unaffected pores on the fractured surface of the Charpy tested AlSi10Mg specimens. We measured the difference of the number of unaffected pores with different layer orientations. We found that the manufacturing parameters control material deformation behavior in dynamic impact loading.

Authors: Md Salah Uddin and Brahmananda Pramanik

Keywords: Aluminum alloy, material deformation, pores, selective laser melting

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