Discontinuities in Additive Manufactured (L-PBF) Components – Influence on the Mechanical Properties




Abstract: Additive manufacturing opens up questions in terms of quality control for manufactured parts. There are standards on how to assess discontinuities in almost all established procedures. These standards are completely lacking in the field of additive manufacturing. This study investigates how imperfections in additive manufactured components affect their mechanical properties. Discontinuities were introduced intentionally into specimen and investigated by means of digital radiography. Subsequent strength investigations showed the influence of the introduced defects on the mechanical performance. On the one hand it could be shown that the size of the introduced defects depends strongly on the used material and process parameters. On the other hand, some types of defects are to be assessed as more critical for the component’s strength than others. Based on those discoveries more tests are being developed to systematically assess different defect sizes and types as well as their effects on the manufactured component.

Authors: Ch. Weidig, Ch. Straube, and F. Gemse

Keywords: AlSi10Mg, tensile testing, defect sizes, additive manufacturing, L-PBF

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