Pearlite Spheroidization and Its Relationship with Tensile Strength




Abstract: In this work, continuous cooling treatments were carried out in steels with 0.75% C, with the aim of characterizing the spheroidal pearlite obtained in slow cooling treatments and its relationship with the ultimate tensile strength (UTS). With the use of Scanning Electron Microscopy, the pearlite interlamellar spacing for each cooling condition was determined, as well as the diameter of the pearlite colony. Also, with the Abrams method of three circles and the ASTM E-122 Standard, the prior austenitic grain size was determined for the mixture of present phases. With the microstructural parameters and the results obtained through tensile tests, it was determined that the ultimate tensile strength increases with the cooling rate in spheroidization process.

Authors: Monserrat Sofía López-Cornejo, Héctor Javier Vergara-Hernández, Pedro Garnica-González, Octavio Vázquez-Gómez, and Sixtos Antonio Arreola-Villa

Keywords: spheroidization, pearlite, tensile strength

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