Investigation of Wear Performance for the First Generation Graphitic White Iron




Abstract: One issue for metal-to-metal wear system is the generation of frictional heat can over-heat the wearing surfaces and result in failure. First generation “graphitic white iron,” was developed by the authors, and graphite was introduced into white iron to accelerate the heat dissipation and extend the service life of the metal-to-metal wear components. Wear property for the first generation graphitic white iron was evaluated utilizing a dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus following ASTM G65. Wear scars were analyzed with various characterization techniques. It was found that 1 vol.% graphite had an equivalent contribution to 2.33 HRC hardness, with respect to wear resistance. Hard M7C3 carbide was found to effectively interfere with the wearing by serving as wear “stopper”, meanwhile the lower hardness cementite carbide worked as wear “buffer” and prevented the removal of the “stopper”. A numerical model was developed to correlate hardness, graphite volume percent and the wear performance.

Authors: Jie Wan, Jingjing Qing, and Mingzhi Xu

Keywords: Graphitic White Iron, Wear Resistance, ASTM G65, Wear Mechanism

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