Analysis and Comparison of Microstructure and Mineral Properties of Two Kinds of Sinters: Ti Bearing and General Sinter




Abstract: X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, and Vickers hardness instrument were applied to analysis the mineral composition, microstructure and mineral structure strength of Ti-bearing sinter and general sinter, both of which were with high basicity. Reasons of differences between Ti-bearing sinter and general sinter in metallurgical properties, such as low temperature reduction degradation and reduction properties, were also analyzed at the same time. the mineral composition of Ti-bearing sinter was more complicated. The inhomogeneity of microstructure and mineral structure strength were more obvious than general sinter, and with the increase of TiO2 content in the sinter it had a tendency to increase the inhomogeneity.

Authors: Ya-peng Zhang, Wen Pan, Zhe Wang, Shao guo Chen, and Zhi-xing Zhao

Keywords: Ti bearing sinter, Microstructure, Mineral structure, Vickers hardness

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