Microstructural and Physicochemical Properties of Iron Cerium Alloy




Abstract: The iron-cerium alloy was prepared by vacuum melting technique. The microstructure and oxidation mechanism of the Ce-Fe alloy were investigated in this work. The results showed that Fe alloyed with Ce formed stable intermetallic compounds of CeFe2 and Ce2Fe17 alloys. When the content of Ce ≤ 30wt%, the oxidation resistance of Ce-Fe alloys improved a lot. When the content of Ce > 30wt%, its oxidation resistance deteriorated obviously. That is because increase in the content of Ce caused an percipitation of Ce as a simple substance phase, which reacted with O and deteriorated the oxidation resistance of Ce-Fe alloy.

Authors: Yubao Liu, Lingxiao Cui, Ji Zhang, Yaqiong Li, Lifeng Zhang, Pengfei Yang, and Yuan Li

Keywords: CeFe alloy, physicochemical property, microstructure, oxidation

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