The Reduction Performance of the Ca₂ (Fe₂₋ₓ Alₓ)O₅ Solid Solution




Abstract: Ca2Fe2O5 is a key precursor in the sintering and reduction process of iron ore fines. Al2O3 dissolves into Ca2Fe2O5 to form alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5 solid solution, which affects the reduction performance of alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5. In this work, the reduction performance of the alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5 has been investigated using the thermogravimetric method. X-ray diffraction and optical microscope were used to characterize the mineral change and microstructure of the sintered samples and the reduced product. The cell parameters of alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5 decreased with the increase of Al2O3 and the Al2O3 improved the reduction rate of alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5. The Al3+ migrates into the alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5 as the reduction progresses. Ca3Al2O6 appeared as the reduction product until the solid solubility of Al3+ in alumina-containing Ca2Fe2O5 reached the maximum.

Authors: Fei Liao and Xing Min Guo

Keywords: Al₂O₃; alumina-containing Ca₂Fe₂O₅; thermogravimetric method; reduced product

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