Obtaining Zinc Coatings on a Sheet Steel in SHS Conditions




Abstract: The zinc coverings possess that specified properties. The received zinc layer consists of two zones: zones of zinc layers (chemical compounds of zinc and iron) and a transitive zone (a firm solution of zinc in iron). In many cases the most widespread decision of the given problem appears set of a strong constructional material proof to temperature, deterioration, corrosion on working surfaces. For car parts working in conditions of wear process, signvariable loadings, heats, speeds and pressure, and also aggressive corrosion environments, properties of a superficial layer have great value. Zinc-plating to steel in conditions SHS promotes reception on its surface high quality diffusion coverings. Hardening of superficial layers carbonaceous steels method SHS allows to receive one thing -and the biphasic zinc coverings alloyed by chrome and aluminum, with corrosion stability 45-55 % above, than after zinc-plating a standard method.

Authors: Borys Sereda, Aleksandr Korobochka, Dmytro Sereda, and Irina Krugljak

Keywords: zinc coatings, corrosion, self propagating high-temperature synthesis, steel

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