Study on Structure and Properties of High Speed Steel Powder Coatings Sprayed on Surface of Steels for Cutlery 8Cr13MoV




Abstract: High speed steel/8Cr13MoV composites were prepared by plasma spraying. The morphology, comprehensive hardness and wear resistance of high speed steel powder coating were observed and tested by scanning electron microscopy, hardness tester and friction and wear tester. The results show that the high speed powder in the obtained coating exists in three states: fully melted, semi molten and unmelted. The powder melting rate is about 87.18%. There are two bonding modes of mechanical bonging and diffusion bonding between the high speed steel powder coating and the matrix, so the binding is more closely between the coating and matrix. The High speed steel powder coating compared with the matrix, the microhardness increased from 487HV 5 to 638HV 5 , the macro hardness increased from 54HRC to 57HRC . Compared with the matrix, the comprehensive hardness of high speed steel powder coating are higher, the friction quality loss is smaller, and its wear resistance is better.

Authors: Jihui Liu, Zhijun He, Taixu Xu, Xiao Han, and Huan Zhang

Keywords: High speed steel powder, Plasma spraying, Comprehensive hardness, Wear resistancepalladium-tin activation, Palladium acceleration

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