Development of Copper Strengthened 0.2%C Low Alloyed Steel




Abstract: This article deals with the description of the development of 0.2C(1-2)Mn low alloyed steel strengthened by means of copper addition. Copper is one of the alloying elements used for the precipitation in the ferrite matrix and it offers the possibility of effective and easily achievable ferrite strengthening. There were studied two main different approaches of strengthening from the microstructure point of view. The first one was focused on the steel with bainitic microstructure obtained by means of isothermal heat treatment in a salt bath. This procedure ensures both transformation strengthening and precipitation strengthening in the one-step process. The second approach dealt with dual (multi) phase microstructure of the experimental steel obtained by means of controlled rolling with finishing temperatures in the intercritical region. Further strengthening of this steel is reached by means of precipitation annealing. Mechanical properties and microstructures were compared. Copper precipitation was documented by scanning electron microscopy.

Authors: Pavel Podany, Jaromir Dlouhy, and Tomas Studecky

Keywords: Steel, Copper alloying, Heat treatment, Rolling

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