Creation of Wearproof Eutecticum Composition Materials for the Details of the High Temperature Dynamic Systems




Abstract: It is shown that eutecticum wearproof composition materials answer the requirements of high hot – resistance, heat-tolerance, ability to resist the action of small cyclical fatigued deformations, equal wearproofness in all range of operating temperatures, technologicalness. Development of such alloys is recommended on the basis of eutecticum reaction of crystallization at forming of alloy from the liquid state. Phases that are included in a eutecticum substantially differ from each other, but characterized by thermodynamics compatibility. Each of phases introduces characteristic for her properties in a eutecticum alloy, giving new properties to him. Taking into account this principle eutecticum alloys are offered on the basis of transitional metals with the refractory phases of introduction (compounds metals of IV – VA of sub – groups with the elements of introduction – carbon, boron, nitrogen, oxygen) – carbides and borides. These alloys are applied in industry of air engine building enterprises of industry.

Authors: V. Tsyganov, L. Ivschenko, H. Byalik, R. Mokhnach, and N. Sakhniuk

Keywords: eutecticum alloys, hot-resistance, wearproofness, structure

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