Research and Application of Heating Agent for 2.3 Ton Ingots




Abstract: As to choosing the better heating agent for ingot casting production, the comparison with using three different types of heating agent has been made on the same condition. It based on the laboratory performance analysis of A heating agent, and on the basis of B heating agent, there are A1, A2, A3 three types of A heating agent for comparison. Laboratory studies have shown that additive is the key factor that affecting the combustion starting temperature and combustion speed of heating agent. As the amount of additive is increased, the combustion starting temperature of heating agent decreases significantly and the combustion speed increases. And the combustion starting temperature can be reduced or increased by adjusting the composition and proportion of the heating agent. Compared the three types of A heating agent with B, the using effects with A achieved the effect of B, and the effect of A heating agent with A1, A2, A3 has a ladder distribution. Taking a comprehensive consideration, its suitable choosing A2 for production, which has a good effect, can meet the needs of different steel types and ingots, and there is a wide application space.

Authors: Tongjun Zhou and Junzhan Liu

Keywords: ingot, heating agent, additive, 2.3 ton ingot

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