Surface Coatings Improve the Characteristics of Materials Obtained under SHS Conditions




Abstract: Offered promising methods of applying protective wear-resistant coatings – technology for producing powder coatings by in a high-temperature synthesis (SHS). This kind of protection is the most promising and less costly, since it does not require changes in the technology of materials. In the work studies the production of wear-resistant carbide coatings for high-carbon steels under SHS conditions. High-carbon steels such as steel 50 and U8A. The high hardness of the resulting alloy coating and the ability to retain lubricant on the surface leads to an increase in the resistance of these parts to wear. Tests on the friction machine MT-5 (friction under conditions of shock-dynamic loading) showed that the best wear resistance is provided by protective coatings doped with Si, the wear value was – 28 · 10-4 g/m2, while at doping with boron – 38 · 10-4 g/m2, and when doping with titanium – 60 · 10-4 g/m2.

Authors: Borys Sereda, Dmytro Sereda, and Irina Sereda

Keywords: protective coverings, wear resistance, self propagating high-temperature synthesis, steel

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