Calculation Model of Hydrogen Permeation in Copper Cooling Stave and Exploratory Research on Preparation of Hydrogen Permeation Barrier




Abstract: The hydrogen embrittlement caused by hydrogen permeation in copper is known as an important damage reason of copper cooling staves. In this paper, a calculation model of hydrogen permeation in copper cooling stave was founded based on Fick’s second law. With this model, the hydrogen distribution in copper cooling staves without hydrogen permeation barrier was calculated to ascertain the hydrogen diffusion law. Meanwhile, the hydrogen distribution in copper cooling staves with hydrogen permeation barrier under different conditions of variational barrier parameters like apparent hydrogen diffusion coefficient and barrier thickness are calculated to find out the reasonable parameters of hydrogen permeation barrier preparation. The results show that the hydrogen permeation barrier has a significant effect on reducing hydrogen diffusion and protecting copper cooling staves; a hydrogen permeation barrier with thickness of 2 mm and a certain apparent hydrogen diffusion coefficient which is 2~3 grades lower in order of magnitude than copper can meet the hydrogen resistance requirements of copper cooling staves.

Authors: Feng-guang Li , Rui Guo, Si-you Ye, Qiu-yue Shi, Jian-yong Liu, and Wei Yang

Keywords: copper cooling stave; diffusion; hydrogen permeation barrier; simulation

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