Advanced Tribological Coatings Titanium Based Coatings Obtaining under SHS Conditions




Abstract: In order to improve the reliability of internal combustion engines of freight transport and increase their service life, the technology of surface treatment using the SHS-method has been applied. For hardening the parts of the gas distribution mechanism of trucks, a gas transmission technology was used to produce titanium coatings alloyed with chromium. The optimal compositions of SHS-mixtures for obtaining titanium-chromium coatings were developed, the influence of the compositions of SHS-mixture on the properties of the obtained coatings was determined. For the purpose of analyzing the process of forming complex doped coatings based on titanium under SHS conditions, the equilibrium state of the reaction products in multicomponent powder systems was calculated. The research results indicate an increase in the wear resistance of the mechanisms of internal combustion engines after surface treatment of 1.8-2.1 times, which is correlated with an increase in the microhardness of the surface layer.

Authors: Borys Sereda, Dmytro Sereda, Irina Palehova, and Alexander Gaydaenko

Keywords: chemical gas- transport reactions, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, coating, wear resistance, diffusion, microhardness

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