Modification of Low Modulus Titanium Alloys by Addition of Interstitial Solute for Biomedical Load Bearing Applications




Abstract: Synthesis of β titanium alloys was carried out to prepare carbon free and carbon containing Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta (TNZT), Ti-35Nb-4Sn (TNS), Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta-0.25C (TNZTC), and Ti-35Nb-4Sn-0.25C (TNSC). Thermo-mechanical treatment of the above samples had pronounced effect on microstructure, hardness and wear behaviour of the materials. Microstructures of carbon free and carbon containing samples were similar. However, carbon containing composites showed finer structure with presence of small precipitates of TiC particles than carbon free alloys of similar composition. Effect of work hardening and presence of precipitates on the hardness was evident. In general, there was a relationship between the hardness and wear resistance of the materials. Presence of precipitates and TiC particles in the matrix had pronounced effect on wear behavior of the samples. Biocompatibility in terms of MTT absorbance of the samples was not significantly affected by heat treatment or presence of TiC in the matrix.

Authors: P. Majumdar, S.B. Singh, S. Dhara, and M. Chakraborty

Keywords: β titanium alloys; TiC; hardness; wear; MTT assay

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