Ti Based Superelastic Scaffolds Prepared by Fiber Sintering




Abstract: Highly porous Ti-Zr-Nb-Sn scaffolds were prepared by sintering of rapidly solidified alloy fibers. Clear superelastic behavior was observed in as-spun alloy fibers at temperatures between 153 K and 298 K. The scaffolds showed three-dimensional networks with fiber-fiber bonds, whose porosity and pore size are about 80% and larger than 150 μm, respectively. The compressive yield stress and elastic modulus of scaffold annealed at 973 K for 1.8 ks are about 4.0 MPa and 0.3 GPa, respectively, similar to that of cancellous bone. Recoverable strain of 4.0% was observed in the scaffold at room temperature.

Authors: Shuanglei Li and Tae-hyun Nam

Keywords: Ti-Zr-Nb-Sn alloy, scaffold, superelasticity, fiber metallurgy, porosity

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