Research on the Post Treatment Process of 3D Printing Resin Sand Shell




Abstract: In this paper, the effects of different post treatment processes on the properties of molding sand, fabricated by laser selective sintering, were studied by means of heat treatment of the samples. The results show that heat treatment can improve the strength and surface quality of 3D printing resin sand mold the best technological parameters were curing temperature at 200 and curing time for 2h . Finally, casting tests were carried out based on the research results of the post treatment process of sand mold. T he results showed that h igh or low pouring temperature will affect the quality of filling. When casting a ductile cast iron, the casting temperature is low may lead defects.

Authors: Rui Guo, Feng-guang Li, Jian Zhou, and Daxin Zeng

Keywords: 3D Printing, Post treatment Process, Resin Sand

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