Additive Manufacturing in Capstone Design Projects at Materials Innovation Guild @ University of Louisville




Abstract: Globally research efforts in Additive Manufacturing (AM) are recently constantly increasing and the knowledge generated through these investigations is immense. These investigations certainly advanced the AM knowledge, but academic institutes/ universities must take the role of transferring this knowledge to students and industries through integration with education. At the same time plethora of scientific knowledge on more than 30 different AM technologies is a big challenge to include in current engineering curricula. In this article, we provide overview of our efforts in integrating AM knowledge with engineering education through capstone projects. This work also discusses how the students and industries are benefited through this AM knowledge integration by bringing out innovative products and designs at Materials Innovation Guild, University of Louisville.

Authors: Vamsi Krishna Balla, Kunal H. Kate, and Sundar V. Atre

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing; Education; Design; Capstone

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