Residual Strain Mapping of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Blade




Abstract: Metal additive manufacturing can three-dimensionally print engineering parts with complicated and customized geometries directly from a digital file. Due to the uniqueness of this layer-by-layer printing process, residual strain is the major challenge to print reproducible and reliable parts during cyclic heating and cooling. However, it is difficult for conventional methods to characterize residual strain of additively manufactured parts with complex geometries non-destructively. Here, we apply synchrotron energy-dispersive diffraction to investigate residual strain mapping of additively manufactured Inconel 718 blade. Two principle strain components are obtained and the residual strain distributions are location-dependent: the residual strain easily accumulates in the curved area of the blade while tensile strains are found near the substrate along the build direction. The quantified residual strain mapping will be crucial for printing structurally-sound parts and benefit the validation and optimization of residual strain modeling in additive manufacturing.

Authors: Lianghua Xiong, Andrew Chuang, and Dileep Singh

Keywords: Residual strain mapping, Additive manufacturing, Inconel 718 blade

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