Laser Welding Application for Secondary Cell Module for Electrical Vehicle




Abstract: The purpose of this study is to make the experimental basis for the development of the laser-assisted micro welding technology. The basic experiments are carried out on the melting of the thin copper and nickel coated copper sheets in order to secure the micro laser welding process technology for manufacturing the secondary cell module. The micro laser welding joints are lap joints. The welding specimens are made from the copper and nickel coated copper plate. The thickness of metal sheet is 0.3 mm. The quality of welding specimens is tested by observing the shape of the beads on the plate after the laser welding and the cross-section of the welded parts is observed by using metallography method. The mechanical tensile test is carried out for analyzing the performance of welding strength. The monitoring method is used for finding the correlation with the results of the mechanical and metallurgical test.

Authors: Heeshin Knag, Jiwhan Noh, Jiyeon Choi, and Sanghoon Ahn

Keywords: Laser, Welding, Metal, Aluminium, Nickel, Process, Monitoring

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