Insulation System in Green Buildings with Earthen Pots to Reduce Carbon Emission for Better Environment




Abstract: In the era of advancement, industrialization has led to the serious problem of rise in temperature of the earth. With this rise in temperature, need of using appliances such as AC’s is very much increased. These appliances have much bad effect on environment. The world will see an increase of 1.6 billion AC’s by 2050 if alternative sources of cooling are not chosen. As we still are dependent on nonrenewable sources of energy for electricity production, cooling the roof by earthen pots serves a great purpose for natural cooling of the building. It reduces the absorption of heat by roofs to about 70% by creating cavity and hence results in cooling of buildings. This is a really cost-effective method and is suited for the better environment.

Authors: Amitoj Singh Saini, Navjot Singh, Arshdeep Kang, Anupinder Kaur, and Harmanjeet Singh Sohi

Keywords: Passive cooling techniques, Earthen pots, Roofs, Air conditioners

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