Effect of Plasma Heating on the Molten Steel in Tundish




Abstract: Temperature variation of molten steel in tundish affects the quality of slab seriously. In order to solve the phenomenon of temperature drop of molten steel in tundish, tundish plasma heating is proposed. In this paper, the industrial test of plasma heating in tundish of a factory was analyzed and studied. The influence of temperature-rising with plasma heating on molten steel in tundish, the composition change of molten steel and tundish slag were analyzed. The results showed that the temperature of plasma heating was 10.58℃ higher than that without heating. And the temperature could be maintained in a stable range. When the heating time became longer, the temperature of molten steel in tundish rose greatly, the viscosity of slag became small and the fluidity of slag was improved, which was condutive to absorbing inclusions and improving the quality of slab.

Authors: Mengjing Zhao, Shufeng Yang, Jingshe Li, Xiaojun Xi, Xueliang Zhang, Yihang Wang, and Yongfeng Chen

Keywords: Plasma heating, Tundish, Temperature, Steel composition, Slag

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