Effect of Alternating Electromagnetic Field on Extracellular Polymeric Substances Derived from Biofilms and Its Mechanism




Abstract: We have investigated the effect of alternating electromagnetic field on extracellular polymeric substances excreted from bacteria producing biofilms on materials’ surfaces. And we confirmed that the biofilm formation was controlled at some frequencies in the radio wave region. Using this phenomenon, we may establish an effective countermeasure to mediate or to control biofilms for the practical application. However, we need to clarify the mechanism scientifically to establish the effective industrial remedies. We have observed that the frequencies where biofilms could be controlled were discretely distributed and diversified dependent on the combination of materials, bacteria, and electromagnetic conditions. Unfortunately, even though there were many assumptions about this phenomenon, we have not reached any clear answers yet. In this presentation, we will present many cases and some hypotheses. Also we will propose our own mechanism along with the experimental results.

Authors: Hideyuki Kanematsu, Hidekazu Miura, Dana Barry, and Stefan Zimmermann

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